In Her Footsteps~~A Tribute To My Dear Mother

Today is Mother’s Day and I’m teary eyed missing my mom!  I wanted to share a few precious attributes that I appreciated about her: 

Sweet Christian, great cook, fruit canner, bread maker, tidy home-maker, loving wife, strong mountain climber, great business woman, fine seamstress, very frugal so she could be generous, hard worker, flower gardener, nature lover, and friend to all.

Thank you Lord for giving me a wonderful mother. 

Tender-hearted mothers, never under estimate how important you are in the life of your child!

“In Her Footsteps”

11″ X 14″ Prints.

Three Sisters

Three years ago today I lost my dear mother.  I really miss her…won’t heaven be amazing when we can be together again with those we love and long for!

“Forever Friends” was created from a special place in my heart.   Precious mother.  Precious sisters.

“Forever Friends”

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A “Forever Friends” print beautifully framed for a loving mother for Christmas 2016.  Thank you Jennie for sharing!

Rise and Shine Roosters

Oh the sheer joy of painting these fun, colorful, handsome and crazy roosters!

“Rise and Shine 7″

12″ X 12” original oil painting   sold

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“Rise and Shine 8”  

12″ X 12″ Original Oil Painting   sold

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“Rise and Shine 6″

16″ X 20” Original Oil Painting   sold

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“Rise and Shine 9”

14″ X 18″ Original Oil Painting

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“Rise and Shine 1”

12″ X 12″ Original Oil Painting  sold

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“Rise and Shine 2”

12″ X 12″ Original Oil Painting


“Rise and Shine 3”

12″ X 12″ Original Oil Painting


“Rise and Shine 4”

12″ X 16″ Original Oil Painting