Sledding With Dad

“Sledding With Dad III”

12″ X 16″ original oil painting

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This painting was made in honor of my late friend Dave.   The idea came from a 50 year old photo of him and his kids playing in the snow. Parents will always love snow time with their kids!

Summer Stroll Puzzle

“Summer Stroll”

500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

My painting on a puzzle for the first time!  Why did it have to be a 500 piece puzzle!  Oh my…Don’t they know I do best with 100 pieces!  I’m sure my grandson Sam will be able to help me!  My grandma May would have been excited.  She had hundreds of puzzles at her tiny home in the country.  She always had a card table with one in progress.

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Halloween Prowlers

“Halloween Prowlers”

14″ X 18″ original oil painting sold to a fun loving mom in CA.  Thank you Nancy!

Five little children dressed in costumes on the prowl!  Trick or treat time, jack-o-lanterns, bats and a black cat under a full moon.

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Dads Helper

“Dads Helper”

It’s that crisp, cooler time of year!  Time for fresh delicious apples from the orchard!

We grew up by an old apple orchard.  My Dad built a huge wooden apple press.  He’d pick the apples, wheelbarrow them, hose them off, and press them.  He’d haul the heavy bucket of juice door to door and share it with our neighbors.  Delicious cider…thoughtful dad.  I miss him.

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