Snow Sisters

It’s still hot hot hot here in Idaho!  I just wanted to fluff my hand in some cold snow, so “Snow Sisters” was born!

Snow Sisters W002

Snow Sisters W001

“Snow Sisters”

12″ X 12″ original oil painting on gallery wrapped canvas sold and on it’s way to Norfolk, United Kingdom…thank you Clare.

11″ X 14″ prints here.

Sledding With Dad I

Sledding With Dad - WWCopy

Hello!  Its been a little while…I hope you are doing well!  oh time flies so fast when it’s summer!  We’ve had a fantastic adventure with our little grandkids next door.  They are gone now, so sad, so it’s back to painting for me, and school for them!

“Sledding With Dad I”

11″ X 14″ prints available here.

Little Chicks

Little Chicks W 003

“Little Chicks”

12″ X 12″ original oil painting   sold and on her way to a new home in GA…thank you Brittney!

Painting today…and thinking happy thoughts of my special friends Mike and Narissa and daughter Oceana…They flew back to Taiwan yesterday.

11″ X 14″ prints available here.