Two Brothers Fishing

Alpine Lake Fishing W002 - Copy (2)

“Alpine Lake Fishing”

16″ X 20″ original oil painting

A restful, relaxing brother time get-away to visit, eat a sandwich, and hopefully catch a fish!

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These are our little guys long ago on a mountain fishing trip!…sandwiches in hands!  We love these memories!

Pumpkin Patch~~Helping Hands

Pumpkin Patch 2~~ Helping HandsW

“Pumpkin Patch ~~Helping Hands”

This morning we have the fresh feeling of Fall in the air!

Our Sam is climbing and getting a little help from sister!

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Pumpkin Patch - WWCopy

“Pumpkin Patch” click here to view prints.

Three Brothers Leaping

Three Brothers Leaping W002

“Three Brothers Leaping”

20″ X 20″ original oil painting  sold to Dan with three boys in PA.

This painting was so much fun and work!  I ran outside to take a photo between rain storms when the sun broke out!  I posted it and it sold in 4 minutes….thank you Dan.

Three Brothers Leaping W003

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