Mommy and Me Out For A Walk 24″X24″ Original Oil Painting by Vickie Wade

Mommy and Me W 004 - Copy

“Mommy and Me Out For A Walk” 24″ X 24″ original oil painting on gallery wrapped canvas.  sold to Michael from MA.  Thank you!  click here to view on etsy.

xo Vickie

“A man’s best chance to produce something which will please others is to represent as faithfully as he can what pleases him, in the way he likes it best.” ~~Frank W. Benson, American artist 1862-1951….oh if only I could paint like this man…wishing, trying…die trying!

Big Sister Hug

Big Sister Hug W 001

“Big Sister Hug” 12″ X 16″ original oil painting available on etsy.

My California sister was just here for a wonderful short visit.  This painting was a fun tribute since we can’t get enough of each other…talking over sentences…waving our hands and exclaiming enthusiastically about some insignificant tidbit!  She is so dear.  I miss her already.

Prints available here.

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