Three Sisters Jumping on the Bed Painting

Three Sisters Jumping W 002 - Copy

“Three Sisters Jumping on the Bed”


The three of us sisters met and played at Otter Crest…at the beach on the Oregon coast last week!  Three girls, no one else…We had warm weather to walk the beautiful beaches of Beverly Beach, Cobble Beach, Otter Rock, Newport, Yachats, Yaquinta Head Lighthouse, and the Devils Punchbowl.  We enjoyed misty mornings, sunny afternoons, hiked majestic old growth forests and hugged a 500 year old tree (which looks like a hobbit tree!)  We saw seals, sea lions, rocky lava beaches, white sandy beaches, chicken in the woods orange mushrooms, lighthouses and spouting whales.  I took lots of little kid pictures for future paintings too!  It was all so marvelous!

Oregon sister trip 2014 003  Oregon sister trip 2014 008  Oregon sister trip 2014 143  Oregon sister trip 2014 216  Oregon sister trip 2014 133  Oregon sister trip 2014 131  Oregon sister trip 2014 101  Oregon sister trip 2014 108  Oregon sister trip 2014 110  Oregon sister trip 2014 092 Oregon sister trip 2014 062

“The grandest and most pleasing prospects in which my eyes ever surveyed, in front of a boundless ocean….”  on seeing Cannon Beach Oregon for the 1st time! ~~William Clark 1806 from the Lewis & Clark Expedition (my redheaded 5 x’s great uncle, his sis Ann Rogers Clark our 5 x’s great grandmother on our mother’s side).

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  1. How absolutely wonderful! There is nothing like a girls get away! My girlfriends and I are just now planning our girls beach weekend get away! Fun fun!!

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