Three Little Blonde Sisters

Three Little Blonde Sweet Pea Sisters LRW

“Three Little Blonde Sweet Pea Sisters”

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Karen from AL gave her friends this print…their third little girl is due in November!



Three Little Sweet Pea Sisters II

“Three Little Sweet Pea Sisters”

Prints for the brunette girls are here.

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Little Cowboy

Our Snake River Stampede Rodeo has come to town.  One of my favorites to watch in the show are the mutton busters…little tikes riding sheep!

My marvelous cousin Karen shared a little cowboy photo of her grandson with me awhile back.  I appreciate so much her inspiration.  I finally took the time to create these two paintings.

Little Cowboy & Stick Horse LRW

“Little Cowboy Riding Stick Horse”

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Little Cowboy & Rope LRW

“Little Cowboy and Lasso”

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Thanks for checking out these fellows!



Rainy Day Walk With Mom and Three Daughters

My sisters and I get to take another week playing together this summer!  I’ll tell you about it when I get back.  Being together makes us miss our mom all the more.  Make sure and hug your mom for me!

Rainy Day Walk With Mom 3 Daughters

“Rainy Day Walk With Mom and Three Daughters”

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Mother and Three Daughters in the Garden

Snuggled up with Mom.  Nothing could be better!

Mother and Three Daughters Garden LRW

“Mother and Three Daughters in the Garden”

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And, of course a lovely mother named Tara needed the little sister to be a blonde, so here it is.  Our youngest sister was a blonde when she was young too….

Mother and Three D Garden little sis blondLRW

“Mother and Three Daughters in the Garden”~~little sister blonde

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Three Children Leaping


I hope you’re having a happy leaping good time this summer too!  It’s hot and gorgeous here in southern Idaho.  I love the early mornings walking with Diamond our dog.  After that a little weeding, then the hot afternoons can be spent in the cool house painting.  I love it all!



Three Children Leaping LRW

“Three Children Leaping” 20″ X 24″ original oil painting sold to a precious grandma in NY.  Thank you Jeanmarie!

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