Mommy, Carry Me Too Four Children

“Mommy, Carry Me Too Four Children” 24″ X 30″ original oil painting.  Sold to a happy family in CT.  Momma has her arms full juggling four young ones!  Thank you Darlene.  It is so fun to see your painting on your wall!

Prints are available here.


I just wanted to share this photo after a surprise hail storm May 25.  I ran like a crazy woman out into the storm to collect the rare big white blobs falling from the sky!  Getting pelted hurt!  It was worth it!  Many years ago when we were new to Idaho a hail storm hit Nampa.  A Dr. at the clinic looked out the window and said, “oh no, there are white ball popping out of the ground.”  Of course a couple seconds later his brain told him it was hail the size of golf balls!  Funny!  Not funny were all the damaged cars and roofs in the valley!




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