Rainy Day Walk With Mom

Rainy Day Walk With Mom W2 002 - Copy

“Rainy Day Walk With Mom”

20″ X 20″ original oil painting   sold to a lovely lady in TX.  Thank you Nancy!

My dear husband asked me what I’d like to do on Mother’s Day…I said “I’d actually love to paint!”  Of course I also got the royal treatment of waffles and strawberries, extra hugs and kisses, hanging flower basket, regal roses and text messages.  God richly blessed me by giving me the chance to be a mom.  I’ll be forever grateful for my boys.

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Seattle Lovers in the Rain

Seattle Lovers in the Rain W 003“Seattle Lovers in the Rain”

20″ X 24″ original oil painting  sold to Pam in IL.  She met and married a Seattle man!

It’s cold!  It’s blustery!  There’s snow everywhere… I think I’ll paint a reminder of our milder Seattle!

This image was just licensed for wall art in the United Kingdom…cropping off the space needle part of the painting!

13″ X 19″ prints here.


Happy Feet

Happy Feet 001W“Happy Feet”

20″ X 20″ original oil painting sold and headed for a new home in OH.  Thank you Susan!

Three giggly girls running, jumping and being joyful together.  Always be true to your light-hearted spirit….the little girl on the right is my girlfriend’s Brinley with her pigtails flying!

12″ X 18″ prints here.









Happy Feet 001 - WCopy - Copy

Rain Romance

Rain Romance W“Rain Romance”

20″ X 20″ original oil painting  sold to Rachelle in Alberta Canada. She and her fiance’ met in Vancouver in the rain!  Best wishes to these lovers and their future together!

Happy together, even in the rain.  This was a good day to hibernate and paint…baby it’s COLD out side!

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Rain Girls

Spring is springing to life!  I can feel the surge of energy and the excitement of nature after a long sleepy winter.  Yes, April showers…bring girls carrying umbrellas!  It was really fun to paint these happy girls!

“Rain Girls” mother and daughter in black and white!

11″ X 14″ original oil painting   sold to Anna in Australia.

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“Mommy and Me in Pink” mother and daughter out for a walk.  Brush and palette knife work.

11″ X 14″ original oil painting   sold

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“Rain Daughters”, mother and two daughters in red and black.

11″ X 14″ original oil painting   sold to Char in Texas, a mother of twin girls!

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