Strolling Santa

Strolling Santa - Copy“Strolling Santa”

Sweet youthful memories made for fun.  A velvet and furry painting!…Grandma’s homemade raggedy ann dolls, puppy Bodi, puppy Bandette, Idaho’s canada geese on our lake, (10,000 strong in winter!) and toys for all good girls and boys!  This painting became St. Luke’s Hospital Christmas cards and is sold.

Santa prints available here.

Snowman and Girl; Snowman and Girl and Boy, Snowman and Three Boys

“Snowman & Girl”

14″ X 18″ original oil painting   sold and headed for PA….thank you Andrew.

Prints available here.

Woolly hand knitted hats, cold noses and warm hearts!  Three nostalgic paintings.

Click here to view.

“Snowman~Girl & Boy”

12″ X 12″ original oil painting

Big sister and little brother building together!

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Snowman - Two Boys

“Snowman~Two Boys”

12″ X 16″ original oil painting sold to Cynthia in MI.

Prints available here.

Our fun 2012 winter workshop class painting!  We paint all day and enjoy a fantastic potluck lunch together…we always have such a great time!

“Snowman and Three Children” was just painted special for Jay!  Click here for 12″ X 18″ prints.

A new update…12/13/2013…Jay just sent a photo and the kindest note!  He says their dog loves the print too!  Jay O added 3rd boy

Four Christmas Carolers

“Four Christmas Carolers”

Special memories of caroling with my sisters and mother.  Yes, my mother made red velvet outfits for us to wear too!  My favorite parts were the hard candies in my pocket and the hot chocolate and cookies at the warm church afterwards!

Click here for available 12″ X 18″  prints.