Daddy and Me, First Bike Ride

“Daddy and Me, First Bike Ride” was a surprise birthday present for a happy father!

I love the photo and the father and son grins!

Jeffrey & Miles Lilly   Father and Son Bike Ride W

“Daddy and Me, First Bike Ride” original sold.  Thank you Lilly!

Prints are available here.

Fall is here!  Stay happy!  Stay well!




Happy Feet ~~ Three Little Sisters


Kristina from CA , momma to these three little girls just purchased and framed a “Happy Feet” print.  Don’t you think it represents her cute daughters!  I’m so glad I got to meet them through this photo!  What do you think of her little 3 yr old’s long hair…I think it’s perfect for making those flying braids!


“Happy Feet” prints available here.

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