Father and Three Daughters in the Garden

“Father and Three Daughters in the Garden” prints are here.

A happy photo of a newly framed print was sent to me today.  Her daughter’s personal words were added for her dad.  Don’t we love great fathers.  Thank you Jenny!  You make me smile all over!



Daddy and Me, First Bike Ride

“Daddy and Me, First Bike Ride” was a surprise birthday present for a happy father!

I love the photo and the father and son grins!

Jeffrey & Miles Lilly   Father Son Bike Ride JUNE 2019new LRW

“Daddy and Me, First Bike Ride” original sold.  Thank you Lilly!

Prints are available here.

Fall is here!  Stay happy!  Stay well!




Happy Feet ~~ Three Little Sisters


Kristina from CA , momma to these three little girls just purchased and framed a “Happy Feet” print.  Don’t you think it represents her cute daughters!  I’m so glad I got to meet them through this photo!  What do you think of her little 3 yr old’s long hair…I think it’s perfect for making those flying braids!


“Happy Feet” prints available here.

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