Mommy and Me Out For A Walk 24″X24″ Original Oil Painting by Vickie Wade

Mommy and Me W 004 - Copy

“Mommy and Me Out For A Walk” 24″ X 24″ original oil painting on gallery wrapped canvas.  sold to Michael from MA.  Thank you!  click here to view on etsy.

xo Vickie

“A man’s best chance to produce something which will please others is to represent as faithfully as he can what pleases him, in the way he likes it best.” ~~Frank W. Benson, American artist 1862-1951….oh if only I could paint like this man…wishing, trying…die trying!

Rain Girls

Spring is springing to life!  I can feel the surge of energy and the excitement of nature after a long sleepy winter.  Yes, April showers…bring girls carrying umbrellas!  It was really fun to paint these happy girls!

“Rain Girls” mother and daughter in black and white!

11″ X 14″ original oil painting   sold to Anna in Australia.

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“Mommy and Me in Pink” mother and daughter out for a walk.  Brush and palette knife work.

11″ X 14″ original oil painting   sold

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“Rain Daughters”, mother and two daughters in red and black.

11″ X 14″ original oil painting   sold to Char in Texas, a mother of twin girls!

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