Happy At the Farm

Spring Break 2015 007 W

“Happy At the Farm” 24″ X 24″ original oil painting on gallery wrapped canvas  sold to a mother of grown twins in GA.  Thank you Nancy!

Fantastic fun!  Sister and brother running carefree on the farm.



Mother Polar Bear and Cubs Original Oil Painting

Polar Bear Mother and Cubs W029

“Mother Polar Bear and Cubs” 20″ X 20″ original oil painting on gallery wrapped canvas.  Done with rich thick oil using a pallet knife.  Sold to Charles in IL.  Thank you!

“Let the refining and improving of your own life keep you so busy that you have little time to criticize others.” ~~H. Jackson Brown, Jr.





Two Sisters Walking on the Beach

Beach Walk With Sister W005

“Two Sisters Walking”  20″ X 24″ original oil painting on gallery wrapped canvas  sold and on it’s way to Cyprus.  Thank you Constantina.

I LOVE my sisters!

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Rainy Day Walk With Mom and Two Daughters

Rainy Day Walk With Mom W010 “Rainy Day Walk With Mom and Two Daughters” 24″ X 36″ original oil painting on gallery wrapped canvas. This is an extra large version of a smaller painting I sold last year.  I hope you like it!  sold to a happy University graduate in the UK…she promised herself a painting upon graduation and this is the one she chose…thankyou Charlotte!

12″ X 18″ prints are available here. 

xo Vickie

Cowgirl in Meadow

Lazy Days of Summer 

“Lazy Days of Summer”  20″ X 24″ original oil painting on 1.3″ deep boxed canvas with sides painted to match the front.  sold to a cowgirl in Oklahoma.  Thank you Dawn.

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My friend Cherie’s little girl Maddie having a nice chat with calf Talula.  A real cow girl!

Three Sledding Children

Sledding 3 children W

“Three Children Sledding”  18″ X 24″ original oil painting

Three sliding and slipping in the snow…brother lends a little helpful push!  Frosty fun!

Available here.

“In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” ~~1 Tessalonians 5:18   I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!   I am truly thankful for each and every one of you.

xo, Vickie

Two Sisters Sledding

Two Sisters Sledding W

“Two Sisters Sledding” 18″ X 24″ original oil painting

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Winter is coming!  I just got two massive tomato plants chopped up and pulled out!  Those two very tall plants filled three wheelbarrow loads heaped high!  Guess what was hiding underneath…buckets of tomatoes!  I will miss those tiny delicious sweeties. ~~Have a great day!  I’m back to painting!