Sledding to the Village

Happy Thanksgiving!  We are off for a long drive in the snow to see our newly wed kids for a baby shower and short visit! 

We are so excited! 

xo Vickie



Sledding to the Village LR W

“Sledding to the Village” original oil painting 12″ X 16″ sold…thank you Jonathan in AL!

Prints are available here.

Sledding With Dad I

Sledding With Dad - WWCopy

Hello!  Its been a little while…I hope you are doing well!  oh time flies so fast when it’s summer!  We’ve had a fantastic adventure with our little grandkids next door.  They are gone now, so sad, so it’s back to painting for me, and school for them!

“Sledding With Dad I”

11″ X 14″ prints available here.

Sledding With Dad

“Sledding With Dad III”

12″ X 16″ original oil painting

Available here.

This painting was made in honor of my late friend Dave.   The idea came from a 50 year old photo of him and his kids playing in the snow. Parents will always love snow time with their kids!