Father and Three Daughters in the Garden

“Father and Three Daughters in the Garden” prints are here.

A happy photo of a newly framed print was sent to me today.  Her daughter’s personal words were added for her dad.  Don’t we love great fathers.  Thank you Jenny!  You make me smile all over!




Pigtails 001W“Pigtails”

12″ X 16″ original oil painting  sold to Ryan in Toronto Canada for his wife for Valentine’s Day!

Three sisters.  What could be better?  Maybe 4 or 5!  This palette knife painting was painted yesterday while the snowflakes were flying outside.  How nice to be indoors where it’s warm and paint!  I hope you enjoy these little girls. ~~Vickie

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Canvas prints and cards are here.

Pigtails 002W

Happy Feet

Happy Feet 001W“Happy Feet”

20″ X 20″ original oil painting sold and headed for a new home in OH.  Thank you Susan!

Three giggly girls running, jumping and being joyful together.  Always be true to your light-hearted spirit….the little girl on the right is my girlfriend’s Brinley with her pigtails flying!

12″ X 18″ prints here.









Happy Feet 001 - WCopy - Copy

Three Sisters

Three years ago today I lost my dear mother.  I really miss her…won’t heaven be amazing when we can be together again with those we love and long for!

“Forever Friends” was created from a special place in my heart.   Precious mother.  Precious sisters.

“Forever Friends”

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A “Forever Friends” print beautifully framed for a loving mother for Christmas 2016.  Thank you Jennie for sharing!