Mother and Two Daughters Hugging and Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2019!

We added two grandbabies this last year….oh such sweetness and giggles!

Louie Arizona just turned 1 year old this month!…

And Blake Stanley who is now 5 months!

So many cuddles to be had!  Children bring so much joy!

These last three months have been wild with work which is good.  Happily we had the beauty of Christmas in the mix!

“Mother and Two Daughters Hugging” ~~blondes prints.

“Mother and Two Daughters Hugging”~~brunettes prints.

Praying God’s love shines bright in your new year…and His blessings overflow!





Big Sister Hug

Big Sister Hug W 001

“Big Sister Hug” 12″ X 16″ original oil painting available on etsy.

My California sister was just here for a wonderful short visit.  This painting was a fun tribute since we can’t get enough of each other…talking over sentences…waving our hands and exclaiming enthusiastically about some insignificant tidbit!  She is so dear.  I miss her already.

Prints available here.

Canvas prints and cards here.