Mother and Two Daughters in the Garden

Mommy and Me 007 - WCopy

“Mother and Two Daughter in the Garden”  original oil painting

Painted to honor our beloved mother who is gone from us 5 years this May.  I hope your Mother’s Day was wonderful all you dear mother’s out there!  So many of you have been such a beautiful influence on my life.  Thank you so much!  You are so precious and important! xo~~Vickie


Big Sister Hug

Big Sister Hug W 001

“Big Sister Hug” 12″ X 16″ original oil painting available on etsy.

My California sister was just here for a wonderful short visit.  This painting was a fun tribute since we can’t get enough of each other…talking over sentences…waving our hands and exclaiming enthusiastically about some insignificant tidbit!  She is so dear.  I miss her already.

Prints available here.

Canvas prints and cards here.

One Fine Day ~ Three sisters


Three Sisters 001W

“One Fine Day”

18″ X 24″ original oil painting  sold to a beautiful young lady in Utah.

Three sisters out for a summer stroll.  Feminine.  Flirty.  Fun!


Click here for prints.




image1 These photos were attached with an e-mail from Ian in the United Kingdom.  He wanted to say thank you for his happy print. How kind of him.  I love the hanging crystals!