Big Sister Carrying Little Brother

Two Kids Twirling young toddler shorts LRW

“Sister and Brother Twirling” is a large fine art print just finished for Renee!

I used to carry our youngest sister all over the place.  At age 10 while in the bathtub I found this funny “bubble” on my side.  It would stick out when I laughed!  Hmm “Mommy, come see”!  Soon after I got to experience what a hospital and hernia surgery were like.  I am glad to carry my scar that reminds me of my sweet sister Tami and lots of hugging and lifting fun!

Two versions.  These happy prints are here.

Have a blessed day!



Three Beach Boys Aqua Sea

“Three Little Beach Boys Aqua Sea” original custom oil painting has sold. 

Prints (with blonde boy) are here.

Prints with three brunettes.

Click here for a wider canvas print of these handsome little boys.

Our kids enjoying the sunsets and sand on Mauai!



One Fine Day Two Black Sisters

“One Fine Day~~Two Sisters” happy spring prints are here!

Created special for lovely Shaysome in Canada.  Thank you Shay!

I just got back from a walk with my wonderful sister!  The surrounding fields are so perfectly plowed.  Snow remains on the Boise mountains.  A beautiful scent is in the air…what could it be coming from?  Aw….apricot trees in full bloom covered with a thousand buzzing bees!  The flowers smelled so sweet!

I hope your day is as fine as mine!



Father Carrying Little Blonde Daughter on His Shoulders

“Daddy, Carry Me” 6″ X 6″ original oil painting on deep boxed canvas  1.5″ deep….available here.

My friend Derek and his little daughter Ella up high on daddy’s shoulder.

Prints on canvas, paper, acrylic, wood in a wide variety of sizes/finishes are here.