Rooster Paintings Originals

“Rise and Shine Rooster #30″ 14″ X 18” original oil painting sold.  Thank you Karen in CO.

“Rise and Shine Rooster #31” 12″ X 24″ original oil painting.  Sold to someone wonderful in NY.  Thank you Wanda!

“Rise and Shine Rooster #32”  sold to hang in a cheery CO kitchen.  Thank you Cheryl! 

“Rise and Shine Rooster #33″ so beautiful…my favorite ever!  20″ X 20” original oil painting.

“Rise and Shine Rooster” #34  12″ X 12″ original oil painting.

We were up early with the neighbors cheery rooster.  It was fun getting breakfast for grandkids and getting them out the door for school!

Have a great day!


Little Country Boy and Chickens


“Little Country Boy and Chickens” 24″ X 30″ original oil painting.   Sold to a happy family with a precious little boy named Colin and his beautiful back yard full of chickens!

Prints are available here.

Here is a photo she just sent of the painting on their wall.  Thank you Laura!


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Rise and Shine Roosters

Oh the sheer joy of painting these fun, colorful, handsome and crazy roosters!

“Rise and Shine 7″

12″ X 12” original oil painting   sold

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“Rise and Shine 8”  

12″ X 12″ Original Oil Painting   sold

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“Rise and Shine 6″

16″ X 20” Original Oil Painting   sold

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“Rise and Shine 9”

14″ X 18″ Original Oil Painting

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“Rise and Shine 1”

12″ X 12″ Original Oil Painting  sold

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“Rise and Shine 2”

12″ X 12″ Original Oil Painting


“Rise and Shine 3”

12″ X 12″ Original Oil Painting


“Rise and Shine 4”

12″ X 16″ Original Oil Painting